Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Small changes can lead to big results!

Hey there friends

Its very cold outside even 
though the sun is shinning. Early I had classes and 
now Im at work counting  people walking in the street towards the window . :P well is not so funny being a pharmacist, staying behind the desk all the day. . 
Its 2013 now, and I thought 
13 is my lucky number even for some is not,
 but im thinking this years wont be easy at all. School is ending now and I fill a tornado of exams coming in my life very very soon. these exams, the lack of money in the air, expenses, diploma, passing from student life to an independent life, 
a million thing i want to do, 
well these are not easy to pass through. 
At least im optimistic and iI am 
very determined to do the best i can. In addition i thought 
also to change a little my blog. Dont expect a drastic change, this blog was opened as Diy ideas and will continue to be but with the time i might post things which are not related to tutorials. 
Things like, my daily life, things a love to do, 
photography even thoughts or 
articles I like to write,
 stuff like this. Also I want to explain why
 i will be using english in next posts. Its not I dont 
like my language (i proud to be Albanian) or whatever you say and judge but i want to practice my writing in english as during the day  I cant. I studied english for a long time and I dont 
want to idle it away. 
As you all, I find English very comfortable to express your own words. Hope you will support this, find inspiration and have a great time. 

Also here is a preview of what im planing to DIY...  

If you like them too, follow me for the next DIY...

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