Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Kepucet e kafazit" Cage heels

Many times ago, what had attracted my attention were a pair of Yves Saint Laurent shoes called "cage heels". 

    Ciara                            Beyonce                   Dawn Richard

                                                        Tilda Swinton                     Ciara                Becki Newton

                                                                                      Lori Hoxha (marr nga blogu i saj)

          Kim Kardashian

First I saw Kim wearing them, than I saw Lori Hoxha's Louboutin shoes and than everywhere. I was attracted by the design and i thought for the next DIY! I will need time to think about the details, time to look for heels i dont need anymore (mom says i destroy my shoes doing DIYs :P) and after all I will post it here for you! I think everything will be ok, though i will need lottttttttttttt of time to make them prefect! Do not panic! It's worth to have a pair of these! :)))

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