Friday, October 12, 2012

DIY rings... (Updated)

In today's post I will show you how to spend a little to have more accessoriesOne of these accessories are rings!Just find brooch that you do not needold earrings of your grandmothereven yours, or buy used things (I bought used earrings). This DIY will take you very little time.

 What you need: 
  • pliers
  • hard glue
  • old earrings, broach, old jewelery, buttons

The old earrings have a clip. You must cut it using the pliers as we dont need it any more.

Also, i bought some base rings and used a hard glue to attach them to the base of the earring! 

 Leave it dry for 24 hour... 

And finally...

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the old ring: Tregu i rrobave te perdorura
base rings: Jumbo 


  1. Hera 1 qe shoh nje blog te atille ne Shqiperi edhe te them te drejten po me pelqen shume,te pergezoj per idene dhe per realizimin.
    ps. nuk di ku te gjej gjera te perdorura apo baza unazash :p
    Keep it this way girl!

    1. faleminderit shume :DD! duken sikur nuk mund ti gjesh shume kollaj por po te tregoj se ku i kam gjetur une! vathet e vjeter i kam gjetur te tregu i rrobave te perdorura, atje shesin nje mori gjerash te vjetra dhe me beso i shesin shume shume lire! (duket sikur duan ti heqin qafe :P) kurse ato bazat per unaza i kam gjetur tek JUMBO!



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