Thursday, November 28, 2013

DIY: How to DIY a pearled shirt?

Recently I was thinking about DIY ideas using pearls, and I was inspired to embellish a shirt with some pearl beads I had in my stash. I’ve seen several versions of this DIY, some with many additional elements, but I wanted to keep it pretty simple. I used three slightly different shapes of pearl beads.

Usually when I think of pearls the first word that springs to mind is “ladylike,” but I like how these looks take them in a different direction.


-Shirt to embellish
-Pearl beads

  Begin sewing on the beads. 
Try to sew the beads onto just the top fabric layer of the collar, so no threads will show on the underside. But if you cant theres no problem because its underside...

Continue sewing on the beads, gradually decreasing the density.

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