Saturday, July 6, 2013

DIY: How to make your own lipstick?!

I can say that definitely I am a makeup person.
 I own lots for lipsticks, powders or whatever a girl put in the face. Recently, I spend so much money to get the best shades of lipstick and I was wondering if it was possible to make them by myself considering that I am a pharmacist and I know what and how to mix ingredients. Lipsticks are composed of waxesoilsorganic dyes and inorganic pigmentsWhen I found everything I needed, I noticed that the perfect ingredient which was missing on my list, were Crayons. Yes! Crayons!

Crayons can be turned into lipsticks easily because of their base which is wax that cant be found easily in my city. Also, they are in a wide variety of colors (so you dont have to buy pigments) )and Its important to know that they must be non toxic which they usually are because of children using them to paint. 
Other materials you need:

  • Oils. You can use  extra virgin olive oil (find it in your kitchen :P)  also coconut oil or Almond oil that you use for your hair. (Very easy to find, especially almond oil)

  • Shea butter is the best but if you cant find it you can use Vaseline or a thick lotion you have.

  • Something to stir the ingredients together. Like popsicle sticks.

  • You will need A double boiler but If you don't have one just fill half of a saucepan with water and put a bowl/jar on top of it. 

  • Also E-vitamin capsules. (Can be found in all pharmacies ) 

  • container to put your lipstick.

Turn on the stove and place your double boiler on the heat.

Break the crayons into two. I took 1/4 of four different color. If you
use one color, you have to melt 1/2 of crayons. Drop the crayon 
into the bowl. You may also break it into smaller pieces, so it will
 be easier to melt

Add 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil into the bowl.

Add 1 teaspoon of thick lotion/vaseline.

Take a capsule of vitamin E, poke it and squeeze the oil out. 

Mix the ingredients together.
If it's not the color that you want you can always add some 
eye-shadow or some blusher. You can add honey if you want.
Turn off the heat.
When the mixture starts to thicken, pour it into the container. I used 
old lipsticks which were empty.
Place the container in the fridge for about 30-45 minutes.

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